Project Management

Project management is a critical factor for the success of any public funded R&D project.

The experienced project managers at MATICAL have the expertise to help the project coordinator manage the non-scientific activities of their (collaborative) research project and to the associated periodic reports.

We provide top level project management services, setting up a Project Management Office with the following services:

Project management

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  • Professional Project Documentation Systems (guidelines, templates, drafts, online tools…)
  • Full Administrative Support (legal agreements: grant preparation forms, consortium agreement; amendments…) and Helpdesk Services for administrative issues (clarifications, problem solving, technical support)
  • Communication (Ensuring there is a collective goal within the consortium; ensuring that the tasks, resources and timings within the project are well-defined for all partners; ensuring that there is a clear internal and external communication plan in place and all of the partners know and use it)
  • Monitoring: technical (workpackages, tasks and deliverables) and Financial Monitoring (budget management, cost claims, monitoring on the use of resources…)
  • Interface to the European Commission and accountancy offices of consortium partners
  • Reporting (including templates and assistance to prepare deliverables and periodic reports)
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Support on Strategic Decisions, conflict and risk management.