EIC informative events 2023

The Manager of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Program will be holding a number of informational sessions for the EIC Pathfinder and EIC Transition Challenges from January to March.

26 January 2023
– EIC Pathfinder Challenge – In-space solar energy harvesting for innovative space applications

31 January 2023
– EIC Pathfinder Challenge – Precision nutrition

1 February 2023
– EIC Transition Challenge – Environmental intelligence

2 February 2023
– EIC Pathfinder Challenge – Architecture, engineering and construction digitalisation for a novel triad of design, fabrication, and materials
– EIC Transition Challenge – Full scale Micro-Nano-Bio devices for medical and medical research applications

9 February 2023
– EIC Pathfinder Challenge – Responsible electronics
– EIC Transition Challenge – Chip-scale optical frequency combs

15 March 2023
– EIC Pathfinder Challenge – Clean and efficient cooling

Further details can be found on the EIC website

EIC Work Programme 2022 adopted

The EIC Work Programme for 2022 is now available.

Main novelties:

  • The EIC Pathfinder Open has its deadline on 4 May.
  • EIC Transition has deadlines on 4 May and 28 September
  • The EIC Pathfinder Challenges will address topics in environment, energy, health and digital technologies

An EIC applicants’ day will be organised by the EIC on 22 February, with detailed presentations of all elements of the EIC 2022 work programme and information on how to apply for potential beneficiaries.