Farm to Fork Strategy – for a fair and healthy food system

The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) and the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) will remain key tools to support the transition to sustainable food systems while ensuring a decent living for farmers, fishers and their families.

EU Biodiversity Strategy to bring nature back into our lives

Climate change, the loss of biodiversity, and the last pandemic are sending a clear message: it is time to fix our broken relationship with the nature! Our life, planet and economy depend on the biodiversity.

Europe’s Digital Future

As part of the next long-term EU budget and the Horizon Europe programme, (2021-2027), the EC has proposed the Digital Europe initiative: a €9.2 billion programme focused on building the strategic digital capacities of the EU and on facilitating the wide deployment of digital technologies, to be used by Europe’s citizens and businesses.

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) in Europe

Only one out of five SMEs in the EU are highly digitised, and they represent over 99% of all businesses in Europe. The Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) is a European Union initiative aimed at facilitating the digital transformation of the EU business ecosystem, facilitating the experimentation and uptake of technologies coming from 6 main areas: Big Data and AI, IoT, Manufacturing/Industry 4.0, Robotics, HPC and Photonics .

Matical Innovation chooses to open a new office in Málaga, a strategic step in the 2020´s expansion plan

The second most populated city in Andalucía and the only Spanish city in the Top 10 for the best quality of life in Europe, according to Eurobarómetro, Málaga, is positioning itself as the Silicon Valley of Spain.

The Technology Park of Andalusia (PTA) was set up in 1995 and is one of the most important technology centres in southern Europe. Predominant sectors present at PTA are Information Technology (Electronics, Information, Computing and Telecommunications) together with Engineering, Consultancy and Advisory services.

The existence of The Technology Park puts Málaga in the technological focus and positions it on an international scale.  It only shows how knowledge can be transferred across continents and what can be created in places which were traditionally known only for its tourism.

The existence of the Technology Park, together with Málaga’s exceptional quality of life, congresses and events scene, plus the easy access to other cities and countries makes the city a key digital player on an international scale.

The fact that the local digital talent is scarce, it is seductive for Matical Innovation for the 2020 expansion plan in Málaga. An extensive array of services adapted for the health research, software and data and climate change will be offered to the start-up world through the EU financing programs, mentorship programs and trainings.

Starting with March 2020, Matical Innovation opens its activity in Málaga city. The company wants to be part of the process of making Malaga the most important zone for technological excellence in Europe, a Silicon Valley that will attract companies and investors from all over the world in the field of I+D+I.