Courses, workshops and coaching in entrepreneurship, strategic business and innovation management, and project management and coordination of Horizon Europe projects.

“Having influence is not about elevating self, but about lifting others.” – Sheri Dew

Workshop 1: R&D Funding Programmes

  • Introduction to European funding programmes (e.g. Horizon 2020, Eureka Eurostars, Structural funds…)
  • Introduction to National funding opportunities
  • Strategy for joining a European consortium and/or initiate a project idea
  • Tips on how to write a competitive proposal

Workshop 2: Management and Coordination of H2020 R&D Projects

  • Theory, techniques, methodologies and best practices on the management of H2020 projects
  • Grant Agreement (GA) Preparation; Consortium Agreement (CA) preparation
  • Kick-off meeting; internal communication and collaboration tools; management tools
  • Templates and monitoring of deliverables
  • Monitoring: tasks development monitoring, financial monitoring; risk management
  • Reporting and communication with the EC; project reviews. Final reports and end of project
  • Amendments; conflict resolutions and audits

Workshop 3: Innovation Management

  • Project management (Pert diagram, Gantt diagram, managing resources, risk analysis, etc.)
  • Strategic management techniques (SWOT matrix, PESTLE, Porter’s 5 forces and BCG matrix)
  • Technology transfer (Knowledge management, Intellectual property rights, patents, designs, spin-offs)

Workshop 4: Essentials on Entrepreneurship

  • Re-defining my value proposition and my target clients; designing my services; product pricing
  • Essentials on financials: incomes & expenses
  • Basics of marketing (branding and communication); how to present my service to a client
  • NDAs and service contracts
  • Best practices (communication styles, tools & templates, files management, invoicing…)

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