R&D is a core component of the Medical Innovation and related industries (pharmacology, drugs development, medical devices/technologies…).
The important players in this sector include university hospitals, (technical) universities, research institutes, major peripheral hospitals, healthcare insurance providers,
patient associations, large international biotech and medtech companies, as well as SMEs and developers of medication.


On the side of healthcare, this is increasingly becoming a multidisciplinary and custom affair, facing a number of major challenges:

Innovation in order to improve quality and keep healthcare accessible and affordable.

Healthcare costs continue to rise as chronic ailments occur at younger ages, the population
ages and the healthcare sector has to meet increasingly high expectations.

Cultural changes: making patients responsible for the condition, and healthcare providers for
the offered support.

Research & development related to prevention to benefit health and economy.

We are specialized in the development of projects oriented to the innovation of e-health technologies and in R&D new medical technologies, with a focus on the fields
of biomarkers (i.e.: imaging biomarkers); in-silico diagnosis tools, and computer-based technologies addressing drugs discovery and pharmacology.

Important target audiences are youths, the chronically ill and the elderly. Developments in the
fields of Person-Centred Care, Patient Empowerment, Active Healthy Aging, eHealth, Value-Based Care…. are to contribute to sustainable and high-quality healthcare.

Medical Innovation

Development of new drugs

Biobanks & Data traffic between organisations (leading to “big data”)

Innovative technologies pertaining to care and cure

New technologies to monitor patients’ health

Safeguarding the costs of healthcare

Stem cell research (and associated technological developments)

Chronic diseases




e-Health / m-Health

Quality & efficiency of care

(Cost) effectiveness and cost containment

Patient-Centred Care

Disease management


Health promotion; healthy lifestyle