Amelia Suarez

Amelia Suarez

PhD in Physics from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (2004). Member of the London Technology Network (spin-off of the London Business School devoted to the promotion of technology transfer).

Amelia has over than 20 years of professional experience, and today she is a senior manager used to design and execute complex projects involving different technologies and scientific fields.

She has worked also as a Technology Analyst and R&D Manager. Amelia has been involved in the management of more than 8 EU international cooperative FP7 R&D projects.

She has also 19 publications in international peer-reviewed journals. She has also a vast experience in the dissemination actions, especially in contents and projects related to R&D, entrepreneurship, innovation and business development (i.e. author of the “España Lean Startup ELS2015”; and she is also participant in TEDx conferences).

Core areas of expertise:

  • R&D and innovation
  • State of the Art monitoring & Technology watch
  • Project management
  • Product development
  • Funding

Science & Technology Focus

  • Energy and Industrial Technologies (nanotechnologies, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing and processing, biotechnology)