IHI Call 3 and 4 Info Days + Matchmaking + Pitching

IHI will organize info days on call 3 from 12-15 December and call 4 from 18-19 January 2023, aimed at providing potential applicants with the information they need to understand the call topics and make new contacts to build a coherent consortium for their project proposals.

For each of the upcoming topics in Call 3 and 4 a webinar is provided, followed by matchmaking opportunities and pitching sessions.

Registration is already open at the IHI website

IHI new (draft) calls published

Draft topics for calls 3 and 4 are available on the IHI website. Five topics will be launched in December 2022 (call 3, single stage) and 2 topics in January 2023 (call 4, two stage).

IHI is publishing the draft topic texts in advance of the official call launch to give potential applicants additional time to start building a consortium and drafting a proposal. Please be aware that the topics are subject to change.

The IHI Programme Office is planning webinars, brokerage events and pitching opportunities around the time of the call launches to help applicants understand the topics, learn about IHI’s rules and procedures, and network with potential project partners.

List of (draft) topics –HERE

Cancer Mission new calls published: Deadline 7 september 2022

New topics in the Horizon Europe Cancer Mission just launched with a deadline of 7 September 2022. The following 5 topics are open for proposal submission:

  • Improving and upscaling primary prevention of cancer through implementation research
  • Strengthening research capacities of Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures
  • Pragmatic clinical trials to optimise treatments for patients with refractory cancers
  • Towards the creation of a European Cancer Patient Digital Centre
  • Establishing of national cancer mission hubs and creation of network to support the Mission on Cancer

Details here: LINK

Cancer Mission International Brokerage Event – 14th February

International Networking Event organised by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) in cooperation with Sabancı University.

The event will focus on the Cancer Mission 2022 calls.

The Networking Event aims to gather participants from Europe and beyond, who come from research institutions, industrial organizations, and local authorities having the ambitious goals to deliver projects on the Horizon Europe “Cancer” Mission.

The event is a unique occasion to build a productive network between diverse actors in the context of Horizon Europe. The event will be conducted via B2Match software.

In the event, there will also be a pitching session for those who want to express their interest in the calls.


Please click here for the event agenda.


Registration for the event is mandatory and is now open. You can complete your registration by filling out the form.

IHI infoday

IHI – Innovative Health Initiative: Lanzamiento y evento informativo (26 Enero)

Presentación de Innovative Health Initiative: IHI – El nuevo partenariado Europeo en Salud

La antigua IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) se convierte en IHI (Innovative Health Initiative). La IHI es una asociación entre la Unión Europea y las asociaciones industriales que representan a los sectores implicados en la asistencia sanitaria, a saber, COCIR (industrias de imagen médica, radioterapia, TIC sanitarias y electromedicina); EFPIA, incluida Vaccines Europe (industria farmacéutica e industria de las vacunas); EuropaBio (industria biotecnológica); y MedTech Europe (industria de la tecnología médica).

Los objetivos del IHI se establecen en la legislación por la que se crea el IHI. Los objetivos generales son:

  • convertir la investigación y la innovación sanitarias en beneficios reales para los pacientes y la sociedad;
  • ofrecer innovaciones sanitarias seguras y eficaces que cubran todo el espectro asistencial -desde la prevención hasta el diagnóstico y el tratamiento-, sobre todo en ámbitos en los que haya una necesidad de salud pública no cubierta.
  • hacer que las industrias sanitarias europeas sean competitivas a nivel mundial.

Una jornada informativa que tendrá lugar el 26 de enero de este mes servirá para presentar las novedades del IHI a la comunidad. La inscripción ya está abierta: LINK HERE